The benefits of fitting Airtab

In the UK Airtab has been subjected to on road testing and controlled trials at both Millbrook Proving Grounds and by MIRA. In the USA, Canada and Australia, Airtab has been tested over Millions of road miles. Irrespective of where they are used the benefits remain the same. The results, testimonies and details of the benefits Airtab offer have been obtained from: on vehicle telemetry, fuel flow meters, independent observers, vehicle drivers and fleet operators. 

Increase in Fuel Economy

Fuel Flow meters and telemetry results recorded by users show that an Airtab equipped vehicle will outperform identical fleet vehicles. Benefits have ranged from an improvement of 1.12% at a minimum to 9.44% as a maximum. Average fuel savings across UK and global testing consistently show long term savings of around 3-5%*. This figure coincides with the findings of the MIRA report. 

Carbon Reduction

Users can enhance their “Green Credentials” as a result of fitting Airtab, as any reduction in fuel used has a direct relationship with reductions in carbon emissions. For example a 3% fuel saving means a 3% reduction in carbon produced. 

Increased Vehicle stability

Drivers have historically and consistently reported that an Airtab equipped vehicle offers an improvement in vehicle stability whilst driving in windy conditions. To verify these claims two identical vehicles, one Airtab equipped, were tested on the high speed circuit at Millbrook Proving Grounds in windy conditions during January 2012. Following the test runs a fully independent and experienced driver confirmed that the Airtab equipped vehicle was noticeably more stable and needed less driver effort to maintain a straight course.

Cleaner Vehicles

Visual proof of Airtabs ability to smooth and control the airflow as it leaves the back of the vehicle can be seen on the rear doors. Turbulence is reduced,  resulting in less road spray containing dirt and grime coming into contact with the rear of the vehicle. During the Millbrook trials, tests were performed on identical vehicles, travelling identical mileage on the same track for the same duration. On every vehicle type tested the independent observers verified that the Airtab equipped vehicles were visibly cleaner. Benefits of this include: better public image, vehicle advertising is visible longer, and on a safety aspect, rear lights stay cleaner.

These 2 vehicles completed the same run, on the same day at the same time. The Airtab equipped vehicle on the left is visibly cleaner. This is a result of Airtabs smoothing the airflow and reducing turbulence.

* The quoted fuel savings do not constitute any guarantee of performance; however they are genuinely indicative of what may, and has be achieved. Aerodynamic drag becomes a significant factor over 40mph, vehicles used in urban areas may therefore not achieve such results. Results will vary dependent on fitment configuration and type of use. Typically vehicles using a higher percentage of motorway, dual carriageway and national speed limit roads would see most benefit. 


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