What are Airtabs?

Airtab is a product designed to reduce fuel consumption by altering, controlling and smoothing air flow around a vehicle.

Airtabs are unique Vortex Generators. They are small, lightweight, and are made from Automotive grade polymer which can be painted if required. Each Airtab is fitted with Grade “A“ Automotive adhesive tape, offering an easy “peel and stick” application.

Airtabs have been developed into a user friendly and attractive product that can be fitted on to most vehicles simply and quickly. They have been designed by aerodynamic experts to give optimum performance.

Over the past few years Airtabs have been tested and proven over millions of road miles in the USA and Canada. Enduring extremes of climatic conditions they have proved to be durable, long lasting and maintenance free.


The Airtab difference

Each Airtab produces two counter rotating vortices which lift to around 5 times the height of the Airtab. When they are positioned in a row the resulting vortices spin off each other, energising themselves, keeping them active for longer.


The technical and practical advantages of Airtab have been recognised by both NASA and the Space Foundation and the product was inducted into the Space Technology “Hall of Fame” in 2009, one of only 64 products worldwide to have achieved this accolade.


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